Apple Gardens - Learn the recipe for this special cocktail – ADAMUS
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Apple Gardens

Apple Gardens

Served in Tábua Restaurant, at Oporto, this month’s Adamus cocktail is a delicious and fresh combination of flavours. 

Here is the recipe:


Basil / 12 cl Non Alcoholic Apple Cider / 6 cl Adamus Gin infused in chamomile / Mint and cardamom foam.

  • Pour the Adamus gin in a chamomile infusion;
  • Ice the glass and remove the water excess;
  • In the shaker, mix the gin with basil during 2 min;
  • Pour the cider in the glass;
  • Add the gin after sifted;
  • Fill with ice cubes;
  • Add the mint foam;
  • Decorate with apple and fresh basil.
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