Frequently Asked Questions – ADAMUS
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Where is Adamus From?

Our dry gin is produced in Portugal, most precisely in a small region called Bairrada. You can read more about its story here.

To which countries do you ship?

Well, we are currently shipping to the countries of the European Union. However, if your country of residence is not part of the European Union, you can always contact us and maybe we can open an exception.


How much does the shipment cost?

The shipping is 10€ for Standard Shipping (4-6 working days) and 50€ Express Shipping (1-2 working days) to all the countries inside the European Union, except Portugal

Can I buy only the glass?

Yes. We have now available our premium glass for all Adamus lovers. However, we also offer the glass if you buy two bottles of Adamus Gin 70cl.

If I make an order today, when will it arrive?

All orders are considered ready to ship on the same day that the order was made if the payment is confirmed until 10am London (GMT).

Delivery Time:

Mainland Portugal and Spain:

1-2 working days (Express Shipping)

3-4 working days (Standard Shipping)

Madeira, Açores:

3-4 working days (Express Shipping)

5-7 working days (Standard Shipping)

Other European Union Countries:

1-2 working days (Express Shipping)

5-7 working days (Standard Shipping)

My country in not part of the European Community, what's the cost to receive my order?

The amounts charged are only for the goods purchased and the chosen transport service. Upon receipt of your order, you may be subject to import taxes. These fees vary depending on the rules of each country. Shipping)

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